Disclaimer: This is a very long piece, much longer than I would normally write on any subject. I have edited it back but on sending it to friends to read they agreed that there was no one bit that should be cut. I hope that you feel the same.

If there’s one thing that software developers care…




Gordon Ross interviewed me as a preamble to a Future of Work panel session that is coming up 29 April 2014. I spoke about the future of work in general terms, and more specifically about the skills needed for work in the new postnormal economy.

Stay tuned for the remainder of the Future of Work series featuring Dave Gray (author of Gamestorming and The Connected Company), Megan Murray (Moxie Software), and David Ascher (Mozilla) in coming weeks.

The second issue with the venture-backed service economy is the Amazon problem – specifically, the practice of selling goods at or near a loss creates a deeply unfair competitive terrain for regular businesses. A start-up can sell a $10 lunch for $8 because it has money in the bank and investors who will rush in with more when the supply runs low. But if my local sandwich shop tries to do the same thing, it won’t make next month’s rent. The same goes with non-retail service businesses. Taxi companies had a decent chance of competing with UberX in its early days. But now that UberX and Lyft are both slashing prices to the bone with the assistance of millions of dollars in venture capital, the fight simply isn’t fair.


New Boondocks Season 4 trailer. 

Honestly, this kind of catsuit-focused review says more about the reviewer than the film itself. Apparently the mere concept of Scarlett Johansson in a tight outfit is so dazzlingly erotic that it bypasses some male reviewers’ conscious minds and causes them to ignore everything she says and does for the rest of the movie. The result is a series of reviews from highly respected film critics who, given the opportunity to describe each Avenger in a single sentence, replace Black Widow’s summary with the announcement, “I AM A HETEROSEXUAL MAN AND SCARLETT JOHANSSON’S BOOBS ARE AWESOME.”

New Law Requires Richard Gere To Personally Inform Residents When He Moves To New Neighborhood
Which brings us to Google. They have a strong futurist bent. They’re fascinated with sci-fi visioning of our technological future. Which has an aspect of irony since their main thing wasn’t the first of its kind and the method they used to make money off it was invented by someone else. Their other huge success is an inferior facsimile of a revolutionary product. They are undoubtedly a brilliant company at what they do best, which is getting a bunch of data and making incremental changes based on being better at computer science than everyone else.